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Graduation Project

Spring 2019 DUE DATES

Letter of Intent

Rough Draft     

Final Draft   



Practice Presentations    Presentations       








Students must adhere to due dates and times for maximum credit on any given assignment.


If late work is submitted, points will be deducted according to the following:


Items that are turned in on time will have a maximum grade of 100.


Late items will be deducted 10 points per day.


This includes being absent from or late to class/school and participation in school-related activities. Difficulties with technology are no excuse for late or missing work.


If a senior wishes to revise his/her Graduation Project topic in any way after the initial approval by the Advisory Board, the senior must present a typed business-format letter to the Advisory Board in a timely manner.


In emergencies or unforeseeable situations, students may appeal to the Advisory Board or Graduation Project Coordinator.



First things first. Your teacher will be helping you chose a topic that you are going to be excited about.


You are also going to be asked to choose a faculty advisor. There are a few ways to go about this. You can ask a teacher who you have developed a good relationship with and are comfortable asking for help from. You could ask a teacher that has knowledge in the subject will be working on to help you through the graduation project process. It isn't necessary that you already know your advisor or that they have taught you before.

Any teachers at Ashley will be happy to help you.

What To Be Thinking About

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